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Joke no. 62

A string trio was going to play a concert and was travelling in their car.
Unfortunately they had an accident and they all died. They went straight to heaven
St. Peter told them that they could do whatever they liked but they could never step on the pink clouds.
That was no big problem, so they decided to continue to play string trio.
The first rehearsal the cellist was late. It didn't happen so often so the others wondered what had happened.
He finally came and suddenly he was married to this ugly, ugly woman.
The violist and violinist asked what had happened and he said that he by accident had stepped on one of those pink clouds.
The next rehearsal the violinist was late. It almost never happened so they got a bit worried. Suddenly he came and he was married to this ugly woman. It was unbelievable so ugly she was. "What happened?" the others asked. The violinist said, "Unfortunately I stepped on a pink cloud."
The next rehearsal the violist was late. The violinist and the cellist understood what must have happened but to their big surprise the violist was married to this very beautiful girl. They had never seen such a pretty girl before. They asked what had happened. Then the girl said, "I stepped on a pink cloud".

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