Curriculum Life Story

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +45 28 11 10 45
Date of birth: 25 December 1975
Nationality: Danish
Languages: Fluent Danish and English, Conversational German

1991 - 1994 High School: Esbjerg Gymnasium, Denmark
'A' levels Music, Mathematics and Physics
1994-1995 Vestjysk Academy of Music, Esbjerg with Dorothea Wolf
1995-1999 Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen with Henrik Brendstrup and Prof. Morten Zeuthen
Degree Graduate Diploma
1999-2000 Samuel Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv with Hillel Zori


1994 Thorleif Thedeen
1995 Colin Carr
1996 & 1998 Ralph Kirshbaum
1998 Frans Helmerson
1999 David Geringas
1999 Bernhard Greenhouse, Uzi Wiesel, Dodo Sela
2000 Barry Gold, Simca Heled, Uzi Wiesel, Emanuel Gruber
2001 Wolfgang Laufer, Micha Haran, Uzi Wiesel, Hillel Zori
2002 Uzi Wiesel
2003 Hillel Zori, Uzi Wiesel, Philippe M�ller, Micha Haran


1981 - 1989 Peter Oest
1990 Berthel Soeborg Ohlsen
1990-1993 Mats Olofson
1993-1995 Dorothea Wolf
1995-1997 Henrik Brendstrup
1997-1999 Morthen Zeuthen
1999-2000 Hillel Zori
2000-2003 Masterclasses with Hillel Zori and Uzi Wiesel

Concerts Performed as Soloist with Orchestra

1992 Antonin Dvorak: Waldesruhe performed with The Esbjerg Youth Symphony Orchestra
1993 Luigi Boccherini: Cello concerto in D-major performed with the Archi String Ensemble, Esbjerg
1999 Edward Elgar: Cello concerto in e-minor performed with the Clear Lake Symphony, Houston
2000 Edward Elgar: Cello concerto in e-minor performed with Studentermusikforeningens Orkester, Copenhagen
2001 Hakon B�rresen: Cello Romance performed with Studentermusikforeningens Orkester, Copenhagen
2002 Antonin Dvorak: Cello concerto in b-minor performed with The Amadeus Ensemble, Copenhagen

Have played Bach's cellosuites and recitals throughout Danmark